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OP-X II Pro x64 Forte 4.2 7.34

I've been trying to use sonicrpojects op-x plugin now for a few years. It seems that Forte and this plugin just do not get along. I just updated to the latest version (1.2.5 x64) and added OP-X back in my rack (which had been very stable). I was really excited that this time it might work. Here's the issue. In my rack I created one scene that is using the OP-X. I scroll to that scene, it works great. When I scroll to the next scene, which is not using the OP-X, it crashes. It does not matter what scene I put next in the rack, it always crashes if it is not using the OP-X. The exception is when the next scene is using the OP-X. Then it does not crash. It does not crash when I scroll to the previous scene. In other words, it crashes every time the next scene is a non-OP-X scene. I removed OP-X from the device compatibility file. i re-ordered the plugin in the rack, i trimmed. What else can I try? I love this plugin, I love Forte.

Did you update to 4.2.8?  It seems to have a fix in there for scene change, not sure if it's applicable to your issue.


Mike, I'm definitely having problems with OP-X Pro and OP-X Pro II.  I've had these in my rack for a long time (years).  Here's an example of what is happening.  I dialed in my patch many moons ago, and saved the patches as FXPs just in case.  So now, I select a scene, and the patch does not sound right in either one of the VSTis.  So I load the FXP manually and update the scene.  Now everything sounds right.  Save the rack. Shut down forte, then restart, reload the rack and select the scene.  Things are screwy again with the sound.  It's not all the time.  I've just reloaded 4.2.7 (was on 4.2.8) to see if that makes a difference.  With 4.2.7, the sounds still loaded screwy; I've now reloaded the FXP, saved the scene and saved the rack, we'll see if things last under 4.2.7.  I'm wondering if the change in 4.2.8 to have an alternative method of recognizing a plugin (unique VSTID in addition to CLSID) could be having an impact somehow?  But right now, I haven't really identified 4.2.8 as the culprit.  But something really strange is going on with these VSTis in forte.

Bruce - I'm sorry to say this but I found your crash report and the crash is not in Forte - it is within OP-X Pro II.

Mike - the 4.2.8 fix would be apparent in that it would be loading a completely different VST .DLL file.  You can use the Forte manifest feature (or something like proc explorer) if you want to prove its the same DLL.  The only VST change was a fix to correctly resize the Halion GUI and the VST name fix.

Its clearly a plugin settings step is to try "single step plugin load" -


Thanks Mike. I'm not really sure where that leaves me. The OP-X plugin has been a constant challenge in Forte. This has been the case for ever since I've owned the plugin (several versions). Apparently not everyone has my issues. I've tried it on 4 different laptops and a racked up PC. It's always an issue. It's very unfortunate. It's a sweet plugin.

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