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OP-X II Pro x64 Forte 4.2 7.34

I've been trying to use sonicrpojects op-x plugin now for a few years. It seems that Forte and this plugin just do not get along. I just updated to the latest version (1.2.5 x64) and added OP-X back in my rack (which had been very stable). I was really excited that this time it might work. Here's the issue. In my rack I created one scene that is using the OP-X. I scroll to that scene, it works great. When I scroll to the next scene, which is not using the OP-X, it crashes. It does not matter what scene I put next in the rack, it always crashes if it is not using the OP-X. The exception is when the next scene is using the OP-X. Then it does not crash. It does not crash when I scroll to the previous scene. In other words, it crashes every time the next scene is a non-OP-X scene. I removed OP-X from the device compatibility file. i re-ordered the plugin in the rack, i trimmed. What else can I try? I love this plugin, I love Forte.

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Did you try trimming your rack?  That might help?

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