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OP-X II Pro x64 Forte 4.2 7.34

I've been trying to use sonicrpojects op-x plugin now for a few years. It seems that Forte and this plugin just do not get along. I just updated to the latest version (1.2.5 x64) and added OP-X back in my rack (which had been very stable). I was really excited that this time it might work. Here's the issue. In my rack I created one scene that is using the OP-X. I scroll to that scene, it works great. When I scroll to the next scene, which is not using the OP-X, it crashes. It does not matter what scene I put next in the rack, it always crashes if it is not using the OP-X. The exception is when the next scene is using the OP-X. Then it does not crash. It does not crash when I scroll to the previous scene. In other words, it crashes every time the next scene is a non-OP-X scene. I removed OP-X from the device compatibility file. i re-ordered the plugin in the rack, i trimmed. What else can I try? I love this plugin, I love Forte.

Did you try trimming your rack?  That might help?

Hi, Ask the developper of the Opx pro. they could sent you a plugin version for you. It has something to do with the sample rate (44100 / 48000) .

For me the opxpro works now.


Thank you for replying. Did you contact the developer yourself? What specifically did you ask for?

Yes, i contact the developer myself.Sent them e mail.

Alex, thank you again for the info. I reached out to sonicProjects and downloaded the plugin. It seems to be working well so far. I will put it through the paces this week. I'll be very happy if this takes care of the issue. Be well BG

I use OP-X and OP-X II in my rack and haven't experienced this crashing problem.  What is the download you got from SonicProjects?  Is it different than the latest version available for download to owners?

It is the same version number as the latest version 1.2.5. SonicProjects released what the called an in- place fix to that version March. If you go to the login area on their site you can download it. So far so good for me but I am still testing it.
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