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Advanced API for automating Forte from an external source

Requesting that some kind of API/SDK is created that would allow power users who are programming savvy the ability to hook into and automate Forte from an external custom application or possibly Windows PowerShell. There are multiple things it would be useful to automate, but from a personal standpoint, the first thing I'd like to be able to automate is management of set lists.

I already integrate google sheets and a custom application to manage set lists for my band in a way that makes sense to us. A less technical band member can easily take the master song list and turn it into a printable set list, a spotify playlist or a formatted song list to post on the band's wordpress site.  

If I could extend this to also build set lists via API calls into Forte that would save me about 15 minutes minimum per show that I have to set up and take away the human mistake element when eyeballing the setlist and recreating it in Forte. I currently do this from a custom application written from a combination of PowerShell scripting, however I'm also implementing some custom .Net code to add a better UI to the current solution and make it work via either PowerShell or other custom .NET code.

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