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High/low DPI

I do have the problem with Kontakt interface becoming too smal on my Hi-Rez laptop screen described here

MIke, would it be even possible to have an option like that in Forte (or is there already and I overlooked it?). It would be interesting to toggle this: When editing, VST windows are more important, when playing, Forte's own interface is more important.

Sure - a switch to turn off DPI awareness should be very doable.  I've added it to the list.

Just an update on this.  Forte uses a "High DPI" flag in its application manifest file, and you can only set DPI awareness once in a process.  I might consider removing it and replacing it with an explicit API call, but this won't run correctly on Windows XP.

I fully plan to eliminate XP support as soon as I can but probably can't just yet.  So I can't really make this API call.

This might have to wait until I can remove support for XP.

Just got a great new high-res touchscreen laptop.  Wonderful!  Except almost all of my VST instruments can no longer be "played" via Forte'!  This is a really big deal.  Please advise if there is any existing fix, or whether you have pans to implement a solution in the near future!



do you mean that you can no longer play the little virtual keyboards on plugin GUIs.  Forte is designed primarily for MIDI control.

I do want to fix this at some point but have to be careful of the XP break.

Check out the Forte 4.5 Preview.  See if this helps.

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