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Tutorial - Controlling parameters of a vst with MIDI-feedback

Hi together,

as I have announced in the old forum, I created a tutorial on how to control parameters of a vst, having MIDI-feedback on controllers of novation.

I hope this helps some users. Thanks to evilantal for many many ideas and making this tutorial possible.


Thanks for putting pen to paper.
Awesome and thorough tutorial!


awesome!  Thank you for doing this.

Can I add this to the knowledge base?

Very interesting, liveplayer, thanks. I read it all through but I am still asking myself: What is Bluecat RC doing in here AND automap? Why do you need both? What if you do not have an automap device, is Bluecat RC helpfunl in this case?

Automap is there to establish two way communication with your midi controller. Allowing MIDI feedback from the plugins to the controller (led rings, pot pickup functionality, etc). If you don't need/want that, you can just assign the knobs on your controller directly to the controls in the different plugins per scene.
@Antal: Thanks for your kind words - you know how much you contributed to the tutorial :-)

@Mike: Sure! Put it there - always good to help others who might search for exactly this topic :-)

@Fabian: Like Antal said. Automap is establishing the connection between MIDI-controller-keyboard and the automapped Bluecat RC. Automapping Bluecat RC, the parameters of Bluecat RC can report back their values to the hardware (when it comes to using the endless controls, for example). Bluecat RC itself only has the job to send the values of its knobs - which can now be controlled via Automap and the attached hardware - to the desired plugin. This is a trick to implement feedback of any value of a plugin :-)

thanks! The one thing that  was not clear to me: Bluecat RC cannot report values back to a midi controller when the target vst changes its preset? So that is why you need to Automap Bluecat RC, correct? 

Now I re-found this thread and I am back to square one:

Dirk said, Automap is not required for the midi feedback to the controller. . So I probably need to try it out somehow with a VMI and EHCO, maybe feedback works! Would be quite cool, really.

i'm back to experimenting with bluecat because of this thread, however i'm having trouble from the git go. i have the demo version of bluecat remote, and i can see it in the list of vst plugins. am i to add bluecat remote 64 as an instrument?, because it is not coming up as an option when i click on + inst. i don't even see the bluecat brand as an option under + inst.



Did you do a rescan of VSTs?

@Fab: The preset of the plugin which is controlled is not that important. Bluecat always reports back the values which you configure in the “Controllers”-tab. I think it is dependent on the plugin you are using, but as long as there is an “Automation ID” or something like this, it will always work. I have a scene where Bluecat controls for example the amount of reverb, and in the next scene it controls the equalizer of a plugin. Everything is possible there :-)

I have read the thread of Dirk. I don’t know how to setup a rack with MIDI-feedback without "Automap". Perhaps he was referring to the fact that Bluecat itself gives a MIDI-feedback of the desired values (only on the PC-screen), but can’t send it to led-rings without Automap, for example.

@david white: Rescan would also be my first thought. Perhaps something can be found on the “ignored-list”? The fact that you are having a demo shouldn’t be a problem, though.

i have re-scanned, no luck. it is not in the ignored list. i have since purchased bluecat, and it is still not available. it is however available as an insert, but not as an instrument. i'm assuming that using it as an insert is not the proper way to implement it. can you confirm that, in your rig, it is available as an instrument? man i wish forte had native bidirectional ability. 

Many thanks@liveplayer for looking into this as well, that is what I concluded, too. So you need to get an Automap controller for this to work, unfortunately. 

A biredirectional midi communication with VSTs in Forte would be really cool but as far as I understood MIke this would not be easy since Forte would need to intercept the VST automation data and convert this data into midi in a way that does not get in the way of other functions. That seems to be difficult even for sequenzcer software that deals with automation data anyways. Some sequencers like Reaper still do not have that function (only via third party scripts for the Mackie Control)..

thx for your reply Fab. i am at the point in troubleshooting where i need to know if; in your rig,  is

 bluecat RC present when clicking +INST? 

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