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Buses route to other buses (aux bus implementation) (83 vote(s) - MikeG)

Allow a bus to be routed to another bus

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Not only do I like this idea, I would expect it to work on a scene by scene basis. I'm currently simulating this through my Behringer XR 18 mixer/interface so that I can route a Guitar Rig 5 instrument and my microphone to separate inputs on an audio input channel to turn TAL-Vocoder 2 into a virtual talkbox. It would be fantastic to do this natively inside of Forte instead of having to route it back through my mixer. It would also require being able to pan to left or right on the instrument in order to support this specific scenario as one channel is carrier and the other is modulator for the vocoder.

This would include an Aux fader or pot in each instrument  channel and bus, right? I heard from many potential users that they were missing this.

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This used to be covered effectively by Dirk's Aux Bus Host, but that plugin has been problematic for some time. I'm really stuck at this point having no way to run separate Main and Monitor mixes from Forte. I'm still using Aux Bus Host, but the crackling audio that occurs frequently on EHCo instances has gotten so bad that I am just looking for the time to remove it from my rig.


It seems that this is a functionality implemented in just about any other host I know of, plus, if Aux Bus does not work reliably in all circumstances, there is no workaround. 

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The workaround for me has been to reduce the number of Aux Bus returns. I was running four (one live monitor mix and three to the DAW) but after trimming down to just the monitor bus the problem is gone. I still wish this was built in and part of the active code base though.


I agree. This is essential and I to am having problems with Aus Bus host


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