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Supporting Novation Automap (72 vote(s) - Giovanni Carpenzano)

I suggests that Forte 2.0 recognizes and works with the "automap" plugins created by Novation Automap, In few words Novation Automap creates a copy of a selected VST instrument or effect adding after its name the suffix "automap": e.g. "B4II (automap).vst" If you load the vst so created in your host the Novation device (e.g. Nocturn) automatically creates and loads the relevant template so you can manage all the vst parameters from the Novation hardware. The problem is that Forte 2 seems not to recognize the "twin" vst created by AutoMap and loads only the original version. Many other hosts (EnergyXT, for example) don't have any problem in loading and working with AutoMap VSTs. Posts: 2 Joined: Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:46 am Private messageE-mail

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