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Wait for notes-off and sustain-off before midi prg change (29 vote(s) - anonymous)

You could have an option where forte would count midi note on/off and sustain pedal on/off commands and, after receiving a midi program change command, forte would wait until all keys and sustain switches are released before switching to the next scene. The Axxess Mapper (hardware used by Frank Zappa) did that and it was terrific. It allowed you to hold a chord, press a program change, and the setup would reconfigure when you left go of the chord. It would avoid stuck notes created when the machine changed which channel it was transmitting on because the synth would get the note off commands on the correct channel first. It also avoided having to send piles of all notes off panic commands when switching patches (scenes). You could play and have more opportunities to hit a program change switch because you could play overlapping notes after the command, until the sound change.
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