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Tempo visualizer (7 vote(s) - abg0201)

Some sort of small visual prompt on the scene view linked to the tempo that loads with that scene. My band grumble at me for starting too fast / slowly (or at the wrong venue - little u can do about that one!)

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Would be great for visual check of Tap-Tempo as well


Oh Yes ... This is a very nice idea ... And I would need it very often ... 

greetings Hans R.

Big thumbs up for this one. There have been discussions about metronomes in the past but nothing I was able to get working so far.

Another strong vote here.  Seems like one of the easiest features to add for a huge win.  But I'm not a programmer. :-)

Thumbs up. An old retro style circular radar scope with a bright big blip at 12oclock and in the centre of it a quarter note count on the scene view please. Enough for a drummer to use when he cant hear a beat reference.


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