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USB re-connection (4 vote(s) - anonymous)

Sometimes there is no USB-midi connection after rack load. SO, to avoid switching off Forte and re-load the rack it should be convignent to let Forte re-connect to the USB driver! The same is possible with Traktion from Mackie.

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A workaround for this is to use MIDI-OX or Bome MIDI Translator with virtual MIDI ports.
The physical USB ports are connected to virtual MIDI ports, which in turn act as the input to forte.
This creates a safety net for USB unplugs as well as the possibility for MIDI routing and filtering before the MIDI reaches forte.


Indeed, I discovered Bome MIDI Translator recently. It is great for adapting a rack to different master keyboards, controllers etc. While the reconnect thing is a good idea, there is this workaround which offerst a lot of additional functionality.

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