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Ability to recognize f. e. "wheel"-Messages to control Forte itself or. parameters of VST-Instruments (1 vote(s) - Michael Heubeck)

The problem was that the Zoom R16 by itself does not send "Control"-Messages, but "wheel"-Messages (shown in the Midi-Monitor). And unfortunately Forte does not understand and is not able to use these messages ... why? It would be great if the Forte-Developers would bring in some more learn-Features into Forte! They should take a look at "LiveProfessor": Here You can: 1) define new Control-Surfaces 2) define new Faders / Buttons / etc. of theses new defined Surfaces 3) map theses new defined Faders to the real Hardware by "learn" 4) Use the ne Control-Suface-Buttons at Forte by "learn" 5) Use the ne Control-Suface-Buttons at VST-Instruments by "learn" I do not think this should be very difficult for your develeopers because if audiostrom which offers a full functionally LiveProfessor-Version without time-limitation for free can do that why should a company like Brainspawn, which takes 150,- EUR for the Program, not be able to do it? I am hoping for the future .... The only Reason for me to use the Trial-Version of Forte at the moment is because it runs better on older hardware. But ... i think having new hardware in maybe two years would be aerlier than Brainspawn modifying Forte for these features ... please give me reply how You think about all this.
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