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Customizing scene numbering (1 vote(s) - barry.gordon)

Customizing scene numbering: As an example: my synth (a Motif XS8) uses A1-16, B1-16, etc (rather than 1-128) to number registration change buttons. Forte scene names prefix the number 1 to 128 in front of the scene name. So it would be visually very useful to be able to prefix the name with the actual names used on my keyboard (e.g. A1, B6, F45) rather than the less useful 1 to 128. Therefore - if we could customize this by (e.g.) having the option of being able to create a file which allows the default numbering to be overridden - e.g. so that the scene number prefixes can be changed to whatever is useful [in my example: (A1-16), B(1-16) etc.] and consequently be displayed in front of the scene name.
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